Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Flying to IRAQ

I am in Kuwait right now. The time on deck is 6:54 am Wed. It took us about 18 hrs of flying to get here. We waited at the AF base to leave for about 12 hrs. We watched part of the super bowl and USO ladies had peanut butter sandwiches. Then went to Maine, Ireland, then Kuwait somewhere. Then we rode in buses with curtains closed to Camp Victory.

I guess we would scare people if the curtians were open? It was midnight and no one was around. They do have big lights all the way down the freeway. Looked like desert everywhere. Where we are now is just a huge tent city. They have px, phone center, gym, chow hall, USO with xbox's, big tv's, and free internet.

I am staying in a big tent with about 55 Marines. Everyone is still on California time. So the lights were on all night and people were watching movies and playing cards. The chow hall is pretty good. they alot of fruit, bagels, bread, juice, banana milk, free coffee, exspresso machine, ice cream, pop, those fancy muffins. The quality of a chow is determined by the extra stuff, not the main food.

Then we might leave today in a C130 for someplace in IRAQ. I'll put some pics up later.

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