Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend in the Dust

Our barracks is an old Iraqi barracks. There are 8 squadbays that hold about 7 or 8 bunkbeds in each room. There isn't much storage space here. So we can make our own pretty much. I made a wall locker before work. One guy got a circular saw from the PX. It was from scrap wood we found next door. Everyone else has the attitude like it should be given to them. Not me I'll fix up and use what Use can find.

Went on the roof and found satellite dish. Propped it up and aimed like all the dish's on the civilians trailers. Hooked it up to the receiver. Didn't get any signal, Someone said you need an Iraqi to aim it better and sign up to pay. I remember on Dish back home it would at least show signal strength. So I think its the dish on the roof that is rusted and or broken.

We have electricity from a generator outside each building. It looks like they put new wires and outlets in, but its either not taken care of or poorly done. So there is a lot of fix it stuff here. The outlet for our green tinted TV was broken. So I got a new electric outlet and wired it up, Hot and 240 volts(without getting shocked).

At work we went to the supply place and loaded the trucks for the next convoy. We haul everything from razor wire to electric razors. There are contractors, supply buildings, trailers, trucks everything you could think of that drives the war machine.

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