Sunday, February 26, 2006

Monday on Duty

On duty today, got 2 more days left. It's really boring, and one guy didn'y salute the X.O. so we can't listen to music anymore. We had some excitement, the water heater electric box caught on fire. One guy put it out then turned off the breaker. The fire department came an hour later.

We have some books, but most of them are war or micheal connelly/stephen king/ tom clancy. And for some reason there are a bunch of danielle steal books? Why, who in america thinks that what any Marine wants to read. Also the PX has a huge selection of Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson, Madanna, Enya, Reba Macintire.... Terrorists must have swithched the PX shoppers demographic to Armed Forces that are 16 year olds at the Mall.

Got some letters form the parents and a box of beef jerky and gum.

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