Friday, February 10, 2006

'Tent City"

'tent city"
'tent city",
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Here we are in Kuwait. We got to Iraq Wednesday night. The base we are on is old Iraq base. It was nice, now not so much. The barracks we have is descent. The Marines before made shelves and added some stuff. They had some carpentry skills.

Yesterday the sand was blowing everywhere. It's like there is layer of sand over everything in the room, and on me, on my face, hands, hair, tounge, and nose... The temperature is in the 60's.

The chow hall is better than the states. It has pop (in arab cans), banana milk, muffins, crab legs, steak, lobster, grill, gatorade. Just about everything you could want. don't even need to buy food from the PX. The PX is in an old gym. It has about everything, even cd's and dvds.

We have some Marines going on a convoy today. So they get to Know the routes from the people we are replacing. My platoon would go around 2 convoys a week, plus or minus and other platoons might need bodies. We deliver supplies to other bases, and grunt camps.

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