Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday (put new pics on flicr)

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On Barracks duty today. SSGT put me on when another guy went to work at Battallion. It's simple and boring. I'll be on duty till the end of this month. That means I can't go on the road or anyhting else.

Everyone from my Platoon is on a convoy. They have been gone for three days. I heard that security found an I.E.D. So that would delay them alot. E.O.D. comes out and blows it up.

The Highlights of my day are listening to mp3's, writing this, going to chow, and taking a shower. I found a Dean Koontz book, So I'll read that later. And me another guy have braiding stuff with 550 cord. He made this sqaure deal thats about 6 inches long. It's like 8 ropes weaved together, kind of like a rug but going vertical not horizontal. Shaped like a square stick.

Some workers came and and got our showers working. So now we can take hot showers inside. You just can't drink the water casue it got some bacteria or virus in it. Someting, I don't know. The water is piped in from the Euphraytes River.

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